If you are in need of a mechanic THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO!!!  Cliff's Auto Repair offer a familiar family level of service so unique to the norm these days.  Once you meet Teri and Cliff (the owners) and see them work together you know you can trust and feel comfortable with hands on your car and the fair prices you pay.
- Shana D.
We were new to town and needed some work done on mother-in-law’s car.  A chance visit to the most conveniently located shop with good reviews about 12 years ago and today they service vehicles for all my family.
Over the years, as a woman, I have learned that there are some less than honest mechanics and I have been duped a time or two, but Cliff has never.  He has always been very transparent, never pushed any unnecessary repairs and has consistently offered more than fair pricing.  The first time I went in with my car for an oil change, I had 4 unhappy kids in tow.  Cliff came in introduced himself and pulled money out of his pocket for the kids to get candy from the machine.  The thing is, it wasn’t a ploy or some customer service game.  It was an honest act of kindness for the kids stuck in a mechanics shop on a beautiful summer day.  Then Teri came out and got the kids drinks.  All completely unnecessary and unexpected, but that’s just who these guys are.
Just recently, I was in Cliff's Auto Repair around closing time picking up my husband’s truck when an argument being had between Cliff and a customer made its way from the garage area into the service lobby. This woman was insisting that she either pay for something while Cliff was refusing.  Without knowing all the details, I understood there to have been a minor mishap causing Cliff to insist on this lady not paying, but she wasn’t having it.  Her car went in for repairs and a mistake was made (it happens) and he caught it before the car left the garage.  But he had to fix it and of course fix it free.  While I was paying my bill, (he didn’t mess up on mine) she mentioned several times how he had gone above and beyond for her family.  So she insisted she pay for what most of would have taken for free and the fight continued as I left.  Unfortunately, I don’t know who won.  Now maybe that’s just that lady’s personality, but it is also a testament to them.  You don’t insist on paying for what should be free, unless the people benefiting from it are are worth it.